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Personal Journal. [Jun 19, 2:13AM]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Hey guys. Since there is alot that happens around here, I decided to start my own PERSONAL journal. Most people knew me as access_xxx_free but I suddenly just quit using that one. I think It's because I started this mp3 journal. >_>

Just letting you all know, In case some of you are interested in the person behind the music posts. *evil grin*


My new account. cross_up


All Ayu Update. [Apr 15, 6:22PM]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I decided to do an all AYU Remix update, since that was the purpose of this journal. (In the beginning!) And lots and lots of people asked to be friended, JUST for the AYU remixes. I'll try and have these more often, with a combination of other artists as well. (Just in case you aren't her biggest fan)

*downloads*Collapse )


[Dec 06, 8:00AM]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Please PLEASE PLEASE! add me before asking me to add you. My computer gets lame, and slows down when I go to add a new friend, so If I have to type up your screen name It makes my comp lag. =/

That's the rule anyway..ADD ME FIRST SILLIES! ^^

Dun forget.


Mp3's weee! [Oct 08, 4:31AM]
[ mood | awake ]

Friends Only! Info behind the cut!Collapse )


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